Edward C. "Coe" Heller is a Los Angeles-based film producer who believes that if everyone knows something to be true it is probably false. A friend, tired of listening to rants has suggested a blog as a harmless outlet. Coe believes it is vanity, and a chasing after the wind, but is unsure it is harmless.

Saturday, October 09, 2021



            I intend to make an addition to the lexicon.  It is not a Sniglet like “lactomangulation” which is the result of opening a milk carton from the wrong side.

            No, “Ellexive” (soft “e” like “elle”) is a new word, a concept for the times.  It means “good…for your age” (or my age as the context requires). Orwell would be proud.

            When we say for example “You look good” to a 70+ person we are not exactly lying, because we don’t ask the obvious “compared to whom?”, but it requires a certain flexibility of metric.  Grading on an Ellexive curve would be better, so we might say, “You look ellexive”, that is, “you look good…for your age”.  It is a compliment of appropriateness without the baggage of the untruths.

            Examples abound:

-    Your tennis is ellexive.  That is you actually go out to play, probably doubles, but actually do it.

-    My hearing is ellexive.  That is, I can’t hear a damn thing, but neither can anyone else.

Think of all the things about which we can be cheerily “ellexive”.  Sports of every kind, various bodily functions, attention span, mood swings.  My understanding of people under 30 is “ellexive” as is my appreciation of Woke, K-pop and Instagram.  Rather than simply dismissing all of the 21st century I can appreciate it in an “ellexive” manner – good…for my age. 

So many problems solved.




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